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Intercept Marketing  works for virtually any kind of business, from real estate to insurance, from consultants to home-based business, from brick and mortar to online stores,  

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Digital Marketing

Making Social Media Promotion Easy

Find your prospects via Facebook
There are hundreds of thousands of Facebook groups. Some are local, some are national or international.  Many have more than 100,000 members.  Your customers are there.
Instantly promote your business to thousands 
Our software sponsors interesting articles to the members.  We provide the articles from our library. You approve them. Our software shares them. Takes seconds
Automatically create sales leads
When someone reads the provided articles, they are captured into the marketing system.  Email newsletters, mobile campaigns, and retargeted advertising all happen automatically.


“Intercept Marketing paid for itself the first month we used it. I get more leads now with less work, and it's working for me every day."



L. Dean, Realtor

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Engage with every customer when they are ready to buy
Video greetings and interactive chat, which can increase sales by as much as 500%,  are available in the reading pane at any time.


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