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After configuring your Facebook, Twitter and potentially LinkedIn accounts, we go to work.  Multiple times per day, we find the most popular Twitter posts, add followers, and retweet these posts with you as the sponsor and links to your FanBuilder page.  You'll get new followers too.  Multiple times per day depending on the plan, we'll share links to your music to these people and their followers.  It's not uncommon to see 1000's of new followers and hundreds of posts in the first month.

We'll also share these on your FaceBook Fan Page, connect you to huge groups who like your music genre, and make special posts for you to share.  These group members can easily total 500,000 people or more, and it will take you less than 10 minutes per day to reach them.  FaceBook Reach can often in the tens of thousands in the first month.  See the FaceBook Reach below - 5-10,000/post.




Intercept Music - A Revolutionary Service for Artists and Bands

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We'll send  you a link to your personal musician survey. Tell us about who you are, your music, music "competitors" in your genre, and what you have now for social media presence.  You could be a veteran, or a newbie.  We don't care, we just need to know where we are starting. 
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We'll do the research, and send you back a 30+ page Digital Marketing Plan, describing what others are doing, what you should be doing, and what groups we recommend marketing to.

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That's it - We build your audiences 
We promote your music links across social media every day.

When someone likes your music, they visit your FanBuilder page, where they have options to see your video intro, message and even chat with you. Visitors are automatically added to your marketing lists as they interact.

So you've written your music and got it up to iTunes. Spotify, Pandora, etc. Now you need people to find you !

Intercept Music is the first social media marketing system designed specifically for Artists, by Artists to promote your music, increase your streaming, and build your fan base. 

It is the ONLY product that ties marketing performance 

directly to your tracks and messaging.

* Global exposure for your music

* Immediately Increase your Fan Base

* Increase your streaming through social media 

Your FanBuilder Page 
What if you could supercharge your webpage and turn it into a marketing machine for you? That's what our FanBuilder page is. Our technology adds video introductions, live chat, email and mobile list building, and a dashboard to report everything, right into your website!

Every song has it's own link, and we spread those links everywhere in social media !

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